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Panteres Grogues Hiking is a group of women and men of different ages, levels of physical training and frequency of participation in mountaineering activities. Our group programs activities that include hiking, trekking, canyoning, mountain biking, ornithology, culture, kayaking, via ferratas, snow shoeing, mountain skiing and high mountain routes, which is to say, the entire range of possibilities that mountaineering provides.

Our activities are open to all members of Panteres from other sports and activities, as well as non-members and supporters who would like to get to know our group.

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Panteres Grogues Hiking is a group organized by VOLUNTEERS. This means that all of our activities are prepared and guided by members of our group. Occasionally, however, we will contract a professional guide for certain activities which require a higher level of technical preparation, or for outings with a more specifically cultural aspect. In addition, we participate in social activism against homophobia and transphobia, as well as in other activities organized by the Federation of Hiking Clubs of Catalonia.
Activities are proposed by members of the group as one or multiple day trips which they themselves organize. These proposals are then sent to the rest of the members and supporters by email using our distribution list.
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The type of activity varies, from an easy morning stroll to a more demanding one day trip including travel, or long trips of a week or more to the Alps, Morocco, Balkans, etc. We generally travel by private car, public transportation or charter bus. We occasionally organize more technical conferences or discussions about mountaineering. We also enjoy meeting in the city, so more or less once a month we organize a party during the week in one of Barcelona's gay or gay friendly bars, and a couple of times a year we meet for dinner and use the opportunity to organize activities for the coming six months, which are then published in the Club's calendar and website.


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how to participate

Distribution list

Panteres Grogues Hiking is a group organized by volunteers and directed by a coordinating team. We organize and communicate using email and the OPEN DISTRIBUTION LIST, which you can join on this website (see distribution list tab on PG Hiking web page):
The organizer of an event sends an email to the distribution list an appropriate amount of time in advance. Those interested in participating respond to the email with the information requested, and the order of response is followed if space is limited. Our activities are free, but transportation, meals and overnight accommodations (if any) are paid by the participants. 


In addition, all of our outings and activities are published in advance in our HIKING CALENDAR, which you can see on this website (see Calendar tab on the Hiking web page).
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Facebook and Instagram

We have a FACEBOOK page in order to interact with supporters who know 
us through this medium, and for communication between members of the group. We use Facebook to send notifications and post photos of outings. It's a way to share and be in communication between trips. Friend us!
In spring we will open an INSTAGRAM account where we will post the best photos of each trip. Don't miss it...


If you have any questions you can contact our coordinators by using our EMAIL senderisme@panteresgrogues.cat


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PG Hiking has a set of INTERNAL RULES AND REGULATIONS. The entire set of regulations can be viewed here (Spanish version):  https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3Wiw9f8dmYBeEdDUzY1bmYwU0k


The outings will be friendly sports activities, proposed by one or more members of the group who will take on the responsibility of being the Guide of the trip.
The participants should follow the instructions of the Guide, respecting the rules of national parks, natural reserves, protected environments and places of overnight accommodations. It is expected that participants will read the descriptions contained in trip announcements carefully, in order to fully understand the scope and level of difficulty of the activity, it being the responsibility of the participant to be properly prepared.
It is obligatory to bring the clothing, material and equipment required by the nature of the outing, and which has been indicated by the Guide. The Guide may deny participation in an outing to a person who is not properly equipped. In addition, he/she may evaluate whether the person is prepared for the difficulty of the outing, and may also deny access to the excursion to those participants who create a conflictive atmosphere. 
All participants must have insurance. Panteres Grogues members may choose between the Club's General Insurance, or join the Federation of Hiking Clubs of Catalonia (Federación de Entidades Excursionistas de Cataluña-FEEC) or equivalent. For non-members the Club will process a temporary sports insurance policy, issued by the FEEC or FEDME.
Shortly before each outing, the Guide or organizer will send an email to the distribution list of the group with the description and instructions for registering.
One-day outings are open to all. For outings of more than one day, members of Panteres Grogues have preference, according to the organizer's criteria. The order of enrollment is based on the order of reception of emails of those interested in participating, which will be confirmed by the Guide.
Each participant who provides an automobile for an activity will not pay for gas or tolls, which will be shared by the remaining occupants of the vehicle, prorated for an average of all participating vehicles.
The Guide and the group have an obligation to wait for all members of the group during the hike, making sure that no one becomes lost. Those who are faster, as well as those who are slower, should try to adapt to the median speed of the group. 
It is obligatory to follow the route that the Guide has proposed, out of respect for the preparatory work of the organizer and to avoid anyone getting lost. Alternate routes are not accepted. The activity begins and ends together as a group. The Guide shows the route and indicates the pauses to eat or rest. 
The Guide will plan the route with a sufficient margin of time to allow for unexpected circumstances. In winter the group will arrive at huts or vehicles by 17:00 h, and in summer never later than 20:00 h.
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The levels are intended to give guidance with respect to the difficulty of the route. An outing may have one level for physical condition and a different level for technical difficulty, with the higher level of difficulty being used to register and describe the trip.

Very Low Difficulty (1/1): Walks, Culture, Easy Biking, Birdwatching...

Physical Level 1: Walking on basically flat terrain with little change in altitude (less than 500m). Minimal effort (less than 10 km distance). Altitude: less than 1500m asl. Apt for persons with little or no experience.
Technical Level 1: There are no requirements.
These are short walks without steep grades or slopes. The trails are clearly defined. No experience is required for these routes. They are easy walks on good trails at low altitude, with appropriate infrastructure for the hiker and well marked.
Requirements: Level 1 outings are ideal for those who are beginners in mountaineering, and require no previous experience. Adequate mountain footwear is recommended. Tennis or running type shoes are not permitted.


Low Difficulty (2/2): Hiking, Mountain Biking on Easy Paths, Kayaking on Lakes, Mid-altitude Mountaineering

Physical Level 2: Irregular terrain typical of natural areas, with some slopes, climb in altitude less than 500 m, 10-15 km distance. Altitude less than 2000 m. Walking experience recommended. Good footwear (boots). Apt for persons without experience.
Technical Level 2: Some sense of balance necessary. Trekking poles. A somewhat longer adventure with some challenges along the way. The trail is still fairly easy, but may be at a higher altitude (up to 2000 m. asl). The route has adequate infrastructure and signage. Possibility of an easy route on snow without much change in altitude.
Requirements: Must have participated in at least one level 1 hike without difficulty. Mountain footwear obligatory, additional equipment as required by the activity.

Moderate Difficulty (3/3): Easy Via Ferratas, Snowshoeing, Skiing on Groomed Slopes, Mountain Biking, River Kayaking, Medium and High Mountaineering in Summer

Physical Level 3: Difficult terrain in some parts of the route, with steep slopes (altitude between 2000m and 2500m asl, climb in altitude 500-1000m., distance 10-15 km). Apt for persons in good physical condition.
Technical Level 3: Use of hands to maintain balance in some parts of the route. Specific equipment is necessary (for example easy Via Ferratas or Snowshoes).
This is a hike on a more ambitious and steeper path, at more that 2000m. asl. The route may appear less clear in some sections, and it may be difficult to follow the path, which may cross rivers or involve other difficulties. Mountaineering experience is necessary.
Requirements: Must have participated in at least one or two Level 2 outings (Low Difficulty) without problems. In any case, participation is subject to the approval of the Guide.

High Difficulty (4/4): Canyoning, Via Ferratas, High Mountaineering, Grand Route Trekking, Cross Country or Off-Piste Skiing, Advanced Mountain Biking, Open Sea Kayaking

Physical Level 4: Terrain where progress is difficult (above 2500m. asl., climb in altitude more than 1000m., distances between 15-20 km). High physical exertion. Psychological factor of exposure to steep drops. Possible difficulties in adjusting to high altitude. Terrain with snow or glaciers. 
Technical Level 4: Involves advancing over rock, snow or ice, vertically or on slopes of more than 30 degrees. Use of specialized equipment (crampons, ice ax, helmet, Via Ferrata equipment or snowshoes).
This is highly advanced trekking, which at times involves combining mountaineering and rock climbing at altitudes of more than 3000 m. asl without infrastructure. The environment is High Mountain in uninhabited areas. High Mountaineering experience is necessary, along with proper equipment (crampons, ice ax and, if indicated, appropriate climbing/mountaineering gear). Ascensions with mountain skis or snowshoes are included in this level.
Requirements: Must have participated in at least two Level 3 outings (Moderate Difficulty) without problems. For routes which reach an altitude of more than 3000 m. asl, it is indispensable to have excellent high altitude adaptability.
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Very High Difficulty (5/5): High Mountaineering in Snow, Alpinism, Level 5 Via Ferratas

Physical Level 5: High Mountaineering. Maximum physical exertion. (Above 3000 m. asl, altitude climb of more than 1200 m., distances of around 20 km). High exposure to steep drops, at low temperatures and low oxygen levels. Risk of altitude sickness.
Technical Level 5: Use of Alpine techniques. Permanent state of alertness. Involves risks which cannot be controlled. Use of specialized equipment (crampons, ice ax, helmet, specific Via Ferratas equipment or snowshoes). Possible necessity of climbing ropes.
This is trekking/ascension of extreme difficulty, which at times involves combining mountaineering and rock climbing at altitudes above 3000-4000 m. asl, with no infrastructure. The environment is High Mountain in uninhabited areas. High Mountaineering experience is necessary, along with proper equipment (crampons, ice ax and, if indicated, appropriate climbing/mountaineering gear). Use of ropes and techniques for advancing in snow are necessary. Winter ascensions to more than 3000 m. with skis or crampons are included in this level.
Requirements:  Must have participated in at least two Level 4 outings (High Difficulty) without problems. For routes which reach an altitude of more than 3000 m. asl, it is indispensable to have excellent high altitude adaptability.


Panteres Grogues Hiking is a part of the Panteres Grogues Sports Club. Information about becoming a member is available on the Panteres Grogues website. Membership has many advantages (https://panteresgrogues.cat/ca/membres/avantatges-membres) and permits participation in more than one sport. In addition, you help to support the club and its activities. Our intention, however, is that everyone be able to come and get to know us. For this reason, we schedule a good number of outings each year which are open to non-members as well. The only requirement is a desire to actively participate in a sport and have a good time.


Since January 1, 2015, Panteres Grogues offers its members an obligatory sport accident insurance policy, in compliance with current legislation. For first-time insurance, go to this webpage: https://panteresgrogues.cat/ca/membres/zona-membres/729-asseguranca-obligatoria-d-accidents. Each member is enrolled in this policy by default, unless one is also a member of the Federation of Hiking Clubs of Catalonia (FEEC) or equivalent, and consequently has an active license in the sport (or sports) in which one participates. 
If you come with us and are not insured because you are not a member, we offer a temporary policy for the activity, processed by the FEEC. The cost varies between 3.5 and 5 euros per day and is modified annually. To see the actual price, go to the FEEC website: https://www.feec.cat/

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1. Go to the web page of Panteras Grogues> Miembros> Mis Datos.
2. Click on "Edit Profile" and fill in the required information.
3. At the bottom of the page "My personal information" you will find two documents:
-Electronic bank debit form: authorizes Panteres Grogues to direct debit your club membership dues from your account
-Insurance and sport license form: document by which you authorize Panteres Grogues to contract obligatory insurance, or you state that you have an active federated sport license, in which case you are exempt.
4. Print these documents, sign them, and deliver them in person to the coordinators of the Hiking group or the Panteres Grogues office at Carrer Diputació 163, Barcelona.
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Panteres Grogues Hiking is affiliated with the FEEC.

Members who wish to acquire a Federation License in mountaineering through the Hiking group must be current in their club dues.
How does one obtain a license from the Federation of Hiking Clubs of Catalonia (FEEC) and the Spanish Federation of Mountaineering Sports and Rock Climbing (FEDME)?
The Federation License is obtained through mountaineering clubs affiliated with the Federation of Hiking Clubs of Catalonia (FEEC) or the Spanish Federation of Mountaineering and Rock Climbing (FEDME), as is the case with Panteres Grogues Hiking since 2012.
This License is necessary in order to be covered as an individual for accidents as well as liability to third parties, and to access other benefits such as discounts at mountain huts of the FAM, discounts at sports equipment stores, publications, etc. In order to join the Federation in mountaineering, you should consult the table of different licenses and prices, choosing the one which is best suited to the sports in which you intend to be active and the geographical area in which you will be located. The Federation License can be applied for by emailing the Hiking group at senderisme@panteresgrogues.cat, who will provide all the information and forms to be completed. This information is also available at the FEEC website  www.feec.cat
The validity of the Federation License is one calendar year, that is, from January 1st through December 31st, regardless of the application date. Prices and conditions of the various types of licenses are determined by the FEEC.


One of our principal objectives is LGBT visibility and the struggle against homophobia and transphobia in the world of sports. For this reason the Hiking group, as part of the Panteres Grogues Sports Club, supports all possible campaigns and initiatives which strive for equality, visibility and solidarity, such as the LGBT Pride events and Parade, Pantertesports, Donasport and the Worldwide Day against Homophobia and Transphobia.
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The group was created in May 2005 during an excursion to Bassegoda (Alta Garotxa) together with the Cycling group. In May 2015 we made a commemorative video to celebrate, and about 50 members of the group gathered to remember the occasion. 


 10è Aniversari Senderisme Panteres Grogues10è Aniversari Senderisme Panteres Grogues

Bassegoda 10 anys 115

For the latest information about our activities, sign up for our distribution list. For any questions, write to senderisme@panteresgrogues.cat
Coordinating team: Ramon, Elisa, Edu and Santi