Soccer Men

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The men's soccer section is over thirty members who look for to practice our favorite sport in a funny, friendly and healthy competitiveness atmosphere.

To come to play regularly with us is required to become a member of Panteres Grogues.

Our activities are:

1) Training open for everyone on TUESDAYS from 20:30 to 21:30 hrs in a field of artificial grass 7-a-side soccer of the Ciutat Esportiva Municipal Vall d'Hebron - Teixonera (C / Granja Vella 10-12, subway Vall d'Hebron , line 3-green-).

We ask for punctuality to go training just to maximize every minute that we have available for do warm-up, technical exercises, ball-work and, of course, one little game!

The fees for those who ONLY COME TO TRAINING are 50 euros per quarter.

2) We play in a 7-a-side soccer amateur league on Friday night with two teams: Panteres Grogues and PG Athletic. The times are variable (20.30 to 23.30 hrs) and we play in the installations of TARR, next to the Velodromd'Horta (subway Mundet, line 3). Anyone who wants to come to support us is always welcome! On the news section you can find the calendar with the schedules.

The fees for those WHO PARTICIPATE IN THE LEAGUE (including training on Tuesdays and Fridays competition) are 380 euros/year (in several payments throughout the season)

Payments (excluding PG membership) must be made to the following bank account of La Caixa:

ES42 2100 0796 42 0200232796

Please write complete name and mode (training or competition) and term of payment (monthly, quarterly or annually).

3) Sometimes we organize other activities such as friendly matches and meetings with other sections of PG.

If you are interested or want to know more information write to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


PG Membership Benefits

Moy´s Barber Shop

Barbería ambientada en los años 50 americanos donde el caballero podrá disfrutar de nuestro servicios en corte de cabello y barba, realización de color o mechas, arreglo de cejas, etc.


Pide cita en:

-Carrer de los Castillejos 397,Barcelona

 938 32 73 49


Grupo Pases

Precio Entrada: 14,50€. Precio válido para cualquier día de la semana y cualquiera de los centros. Imprescindible presentar el carnet.

La Ventaja Carnet Socio NO será válida los días de duración del CIRCUIT FESTIVAL.

Localización y contacto:

·      SAUNA THERMAS. c/ Diputació 46. Barcelona. Tel. 93 325 93 46

·      SAUNA CASANOVA. c/ Casanova 57. Barcelona. Tel. 93 323 78 60

·      SAUNA BARCELONA. c/ Tusset 1. Barcelona. Tel. 93 200 77 26

·      SAUNA CONDAL. c/ Espolsasacs 1. Barcelona. Tel. 93 317 68 17


50% de descompte al preu de l'entrada en algunes obres de teatre a través de Promentrada. S'anunciaran oportunament a través de correu electrònic als socis i sòcies de Panteres Grogues.