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Incorrect URL are a group of Yellow Panthers (Panteres grogues) who make some ski trips during winter. We use to organize one whole weekend trip every month, and the rest of the season, single day excursions. We are skiers of all levels. Our trips are mostly to catalan or aragonese Pyrinees.

Just check out our ski agenda at the news section or at facebook, to see all activities taking place this season!


  • Trips on Friday take place mostly afternoon. It is possible however to go out on Saturday.
  • Non-members of Panteres Grogues must pay an extra charge on every weekend trip.
  • One-day trips are allways in particular cars.
  • To recieve more info you have to sign up for Panteres Grogues Ski distribution list or become our friend in facebook.
  • Trip destination may change depending on weather conditions.
  • If you wish to organize a ski trip, just let us know.
  • VERY IMPORTANT: If it's not expressly specified on a trip announcement, you are completely responsible of your insurance, for you'll have to contract one of your own. Panteres Grogues will not assume any responsability in any accident or damage that the practice of the sport may cause to you or others.

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