Artistic Swimming

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In November of 2008, a group of men of Panteres Grogues started the first spanish team of Synchronized Swimming. But during these years , some women came into our group to be a mixed team with a lot of ilusion.

This year 2011-2012, we have  2 trainners : Iris and Laia, both started wiyh us last year. The clase have 3  moments : swimming  , synchro tecnique and coreography. In the first moment, we train all members together amb it consists in swimming in the 4 diferent styles and apnea, but the second, we are separeted in two groups : iniciation and improvement, depending of your practice. The coregraphy moment will depend on which type of dance we do.

The trainning is every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday,from 20:15 to 21:45h , and every Wednsday from 20:30 to 21:30, at Club Natació Mediterrani (44-52, Begur str.,  metro Badal, line 5) and some days more before exhibitions and competitions. On Wednsdays are streching days and we stay in a room of gym; the  res of the days we stay at swimming-pool.

During the year , there´s possibility to write on 2 intensive Synchro Swimming courses : one  on Christmas and the other , on July , with 50% less for members.

We are starting 9 fellows ( 6 men i 3 women ) but we´d like to be more. Don't worry if you don't known anything at all, all of us are learning and if you keep regular presence, you become fastly a good synchro swimmer. 

Don't think it a lot and come to swim with us !!! You are loving it so much !!!.

How much must you pay for practising Synchro with Panteres Grogues?

It costs 64 euros each month . With this price ,additionally you can use the two gyms of Club Esportiu Mediterrani, at any hour and day during the year ( WEB:

You must pay directly to the Club Esportiu Mediterrani

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